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The story starts with a short movie...

I always used to have a dog when I was young, such a small cross-breed from the playground. „Beardie“ was love at first sight for me. I can never forget, how he sits in the back seat of a car with sunglasses on the head, eating chips directly from a bag bought at the petrol station. At that moment I knew, this is a dog I want! But what kind of a dog is this? It is a Bearded collie, a clever english shepherd dog. I became a proud owner of a bitch named Molly in the year 2000 and the dog show madness started. Molly is not with us anymore, she left us in November 2010 and is looking at us from behind the rainbow bridge. She was champion of several countries, and she won the title Veteran Best in Show at both of her veteran dog shows. She became mother three times and there were born a few very successful puppies in all three litters. Bee, a bitch from second litter, stayed with us as a big hope, and she already fulfilled our expectations. Bee is an Internationale champion, champion of seven countries, multiple Club Winner, Club Star and Amsterdam Junior Winner. She successfully passed a herding instinct test and she likes to shepherd sheeps always when she has an opportunity. She gave us three litters, also very promising. Doris from her first litter lives with us, as well as Lujzi, her daughter from the last litter. Our beardies spend happy moments of the day in mutual understanding and sympathy, although they enjoy to take part on the dog shows and relish the excitement and the taste of victory. Very often they meet their siblings and offspring on dogshows, walks or common holidays. These moments are always full of unique atmosphere, especially when there is a possibility to swim nearby. On the web site you can find a lot of information about our achievements, pictures from shows and also from every day life, which is always exciting with „beardies“.

Enjoy yourself!

Pásztó Blanka